The great Georgian tradition (Georgia in the Caucasus) of making wines in terracotta “Qvevri” is dating back to about 6,000 BCE. Qvevri (Georgian: ქვევრი) is a large (100-5000 liters) earthenware vessel, resembling an egg in shape.

The qvevri wine making is carried in qvevri completely buried in the ground, so that even the outlet neck of it remains below ground level. The most unusual and archaic, the most traditional Georgian qvevri wines is of course white Kakhetian qvevri wine (also known as orange or amber wine), macerated for several months with the skins, seeds and stems of the grapes in the buried qvevri.

The best qvevris were made from special clay with high lime content - marlstone. That's why such qveris after being fired gained the highest strength. Nowadays, marlstone is used for cement - concrete production.


The concrete wine tank acts very much like oak barrel in creating texture but without imparting vanillan, spice, etc. While having the same micro-oxygenation properties as terracotta, concrete is very durable, long-lasting and water resistant material. Concrete wine vessels can withstand even the harshest Canadian climates. Besides, concrete cools or heats up slowly like terracotta. Once concrete wine tanks are heated or cooled they retain their temperature. The temperature difference between the top and bottom of concrete tanks, enhances the slow, continuous flow of the liquid during fermentation so the skins and lees are continuously forced upward by an internal current resembling a vortex . Compared with stainless steel wine aged in concrete has better texture and mouth feeling; it has fuller, rounder, and more complex flavor. Concrete wine tanks can be bured underground providing quality watertight structures that withstand the tests of time and the forces of nature.


Who I Am

Qvevrica was established by concrete artisan Enriko Kobiashvili. I have worked 30 years as a concrete engineer in tunneling and in decorative concrete business. Making wine at home using the traditional Georgian terracotta qvevris I have found that the concrete has almost the same properties as the terracotta, and that the most profound French wines are made in concrete vessels. The concrete qvevri making was driven by an idea to implement new materials and technologies while keeping all benefits of the traditional qvevri.

While developing the new aproaches, I together with my Georgian friends, also promote the unique Georgian terracotta qvevris. For more information about the traditional terracotta qvevris from diffrent regions of Georgia please visit domainegeorgia.com



the beauty of nature with the force of concrete

Quality concrete wine tank "QVEVRICA" is designed and made by hand in CanadaAffordable and stylish alternative to mass-produced wine tanks, "QVEVRICA" provides classic egg design for your winery which is functional and built to last. "QVEVRICA" has a unique system of layering different types of concrete that makes strong tank without the need for a steel reinforcement. The inside smooth layer of "QVEVRICA" is made of the pure low ph clay-concrete mix without any chemicals, the middle load bearing layer is made from fiber reinforced concrete and the outer rustic layer from lime-cement decorative protective mix. The result is an innovative line of concrete qvevris tanks for the production of both white and red wines. Currently, I am offering handmade Qvevricas up to 900 liters (1600 lit will be available soon).



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